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    Toll-free hotline: 022-68609963
    Tianjin Jintong Transmission Tower Manufacturing Inc., founded in April 1990, has independent enterprise legal person qualification, and is a professional company in Tianjin area that produces transmission line tower, substation architecture, steel pipe pole, and broadcast communications towers with the earliest establishment and the largest size. It is the holder of "750KV Power Transmission Line Iron Tower Production License” and “500KV ...
    Address: Jinghai Economic Development Zone, Tianjin
    Landline: 022 -68609963 022-68609966
    022-68609967 (hot dip galvanizing) 022-68609008 (hot dip galvanizing)
    Fax: 022 -68609050
    E-mail: jintong@jttt.cn; tjsydltt@163.com
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